America's Escape Game


Join the excitement of one of the most revolutionary escape games in the world and enjoy a unique challenge as you try to crack the code. With your choice of 4 scenarios, race against the clock to find a cure, escape a temple, save the White House from impending doom, or save the caretaker from giant wolves.

Test your puzzle-solving abilities in your choice of 4 challenges involving a deadly plague, historical revelations, lethal terrorists, and a crazed scientist. At Pandemic: Project Hephaestus a mysterious illness, The Red Death, is sweeping the globe. Resume the work of Dr. Andrea McClain, the project's former director, and find a cure for the seemingly unstoppable pathogen by making your way through a secret lab.

Or find your way into the pyramids of Egypt in the Lost Tomb of Monthu, where Jeffery Lowsley, a renowned Egyptologist, disappeared on the verge of a major archaeological discovery. Here, navigate through the tomb and try to unearth an ancient ruby believed to be the link to a lost civilization.

If you like, take on paramilitary White House invaders in Crisis at 1600. The president has gone into hiding, the Secret Service has been wiped out, and a series of missiles are zooming toward the nation's capital. Use the clues in the room, focus on teamwork, and let your imagination assist you in the quest to open the next door and solve the puzzle. Use your head, save the world, and be a hero.

It's up to you to plan a daring rescue mission to save the Caretakers life. A disbarred geneticist named Dr. Vermillion has unleashed his brood of giant wolf-like creates onto the town of Fair Oaks, Oregon. Military and law enforcement efforts have failed to protect their citizens from the creatures and the death toll continues to rise. Deep within the woods lives a hermit the locals have come to know as the Caretaker. It is up to you to save him from the wolves.

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